Simple Retirement Plan

Because of all the options available, a simple retirement plan might feel out of reach. Of course, retirees do have lots of choice to make. First, where will your money be? For instance, perhaps your money is in an IRA or a 401(k) but you aren’t really sure what it is invested in. Maybe you’re wondering if your money should stay in those accounts or if you should move them. Additionally, you might wonder which kinds of investment vehicles or insurance products might give you the best outcome in the long-term. With all these choices, we believe it is important to get clarity. A simple retirement plan is possible.

Zero Hassle Retirement

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Simple Retirement Plan - Explained

Once you are getting ready to retire, you might take a look at your retirement accounts. Of course, your future depends on making sure your retirement plan is ready so this is an important step. However, if you’re like many retirees, you may feel overwhelmed by this. Often, people aren’t sure how to read their statements or don’t really understand where and how their money is invested. You may also have concerns about what might happen to your retirement if the market goes down. We believe that a straightforward plan, with safety at its core, is a good path to alleviate these concerns.

To help make a retirement plan you feel confident about, retirees may think about the following:
  1. Where is my money now? How is it invested? What is the current risks with my accounts?
  2. Would my principal be safe if the market were to go down? Do I have some of my money protected?
  3. Do I have an advisor I can rely on to contact when I have questions? Do I understand the fees I am paying?

Keeping Your Plan Simple

Cornerstone Wealth & Tax Advisory wants you to fully understand all your retirement options. The financial world can be complicated. But, your retirement does not have to be. Unclear about how your current retirement works? Want to find out ways to make things a little easier to manage? We provide clients with the education and information they need to make the best retirement decisions they can for themselves. At the end of the day, a simple retirement plan is one that you understand, and feel good about. During our annual reviews with clients, we discuss your account. We talk about any changes in your life or with your money. In addition, we can work together on a plan for protecting your assets for the long term. Keeping it clear, simple, and straightforward. Indeed, those are principles we strive to embody. Part of our effort to keep things simple is to provide complimentary workshops. We offer dinner seminars as well as online webinar events to help you learn about retirement options for safety and reasonable rates of return. Learn more by registering for an upcoming event today! We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help you secure your future.
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