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A Tax-Smart Way to Leave Money to Charities and Your Family

As the famous adage goes, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”However, while death may be a certainty, not all taxes are. The tax implications of your charitable contributions and what you leave to your heirs might not be a concern that you think about often. However, it may be

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benefit from inflation

Benefit From Inflation

President Biden has claimed that this recent bout of inflation is only transitory. However, many worry that inflation is here to stay. If this is the case, we’re going to have to learn to live with it. You’re probably wondering, though, how inflation works, how bad it’s been recently, and

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401k accounts

How to Find Lost Money in 401(k) Accounts

How’d you like to score your share of $1.35 trillion? That’s how much money was in the combined 24 million 401(k) accounts left behind at previous employers, as of May of 2021. You see, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that individuals who were born during the

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how does the stock market work

How Does the Stock Market Work

You may be wondering: “How does the stock market work?” Additionally, “What are the potential dangers of investing in stocks?” If you are worried about these things, you aren’t alone. Some people with limited financial experience are terrified by the possibility of losing their money in the stock market. That,

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secure act

The Secure Act 2.0

Back in March, A hearing was held by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Retirement professionals urged lawmakers to take action and increase the availability of workplace savings plans, and level some of the barriers that have kept workers from saving away more money for retirement. “It is

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35 bonus

Don’t Make Hasty Financial Decisions When Tensions are High

When it feels like the world is spinning, it’s very important that you stay skeptical of promises of sure things. Is a simple and reliable investment really simple and reliable, or does it just appear that way in complicated times? “As Russia launches its blitzkrieg against Ukraine, my inbox brimmed

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do you have too much money in stocks

Do You Have Too Much Money in Stocks?

Recent changes within the stock market have been acting as a warning to certain Americans. Specifically, people who are too old to be investing the amount that they are in the stock market. Many of these people are, unfortunately, likely to dismiss that warning. See, surprisingly, the market actually rose

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tax season

Tax Season Is Fast Approaching

The third tax-filing season to occur during the coronavirus pandemic is set to begin relatively soon. This will likely come with yet more frustration and uncertainty for taxpayers, as well as tax preparers. Some things will return to normal. For example: For the first time since 2019, the individual tax

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do annuities have fees hand turns dice

Do Annuities Have Fees?

This is a question that sometimes comes up. Do annuities have fees? Some do have fees associated with them, no matter what. Others only come with fees when you select certain additional benefits, or if you take out money too soon. Importantly, whether you pay fees or not, and how

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protecting your money during a recession guy holding up an arrow

Protecting Your Money During a Recession

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that practically anything can happen. So then, what can you do to be prepared? Let’s first learn about protecting your money during a recession. What Happens In a Recession? A recession occurs when Gross Domestic Product (GDP) drops for 2 quarters (or more) back

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happy retired couple sitting on beach discussing life insurance in retirement

Do You Really Need Life Insurance in Retirement?

Most people understand why you should have life insurance in your working years. People sometimes wonder, however, if you really need life insurance in retirement. People obtain life insurance in their working years, in many cases. They do this, firstly, to protect their household income. If one spouse dies, for

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annuity death benefit worried older woman senior in lavender shirt with white hair

Annuity Death Benefit

Could Your Spouse Receive a Fixed Indexed Annuity Death Benefit? If you have an annuity or are thinking about getting one, you may be wondering about your annuity death benefit. Many people are concerned about where their money will go when they’re gone. The answer to this depends on several

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Grow your money with Cornerstone - red watering can watering money that grows

What’s The Best Way To Grow & Save Money?

What’s The Best Way To Grow & Save Money? It’s true. Only you can decide for yourself what is the best way to grow and save money. But, how do you know which method to choose? Furthermore, once you put your money somewhere, how long should it stay there? Also,

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