What Is Wealth Management?

So, what is wealth management, anyway? Basically, its the term we use to describe how we help our clients stay on track with their retirement plan. We don’t believe in selling a product and walking away. Instead, we have a fiduciary obligation to ensure our clients have someone actively reviewing their plan. With our wealth management services, protection is still the main focus. However, we can also help you find a balance between money you choose to keep in the market versus money that is safe from risk.

  • What is wealth management and why does it matter?
  • Key elements to a protected retirement
  • Safer ways to participate in the market (and without a broker)
  • The 3 simple tactics retirees can use for a successful retirement
  • Myths and misconceptions of the market

With so many choices, retirement can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to. First, we offer one-on-one consultations. You can meet with us, ask questions, and go over your current asset base. We’ll review the details together, listen to your goals, and help devise a plan.

  • Rollovers and options for 401(k), IRA & more
  • IRA strategies
  • Tax-deferred and tax-free income options
  • RMD information (Required Minimum Distributions)
  • Analysis of retirement cash flow
  • Plan for retirement lifetime income
  • Options for beneficiaries
  • Investing tactics in retirement
  • Assessing your risk
  • Retirement planning overall
  • Individualized Q&A
  • Longer-term retirement planning
  • Matching your plan to your goals

Rules For Risk

The “rule” of 100 is a guideline to help balance risk versus stability in retirement investing. Specifically, how much money should be at risk in the market as you age? The rule of 100 states that you should subtract your current age from the number “100.” Your answer tells you the maximum percentage of your money that you should invest in the market. The rest should be kept safe from market loss. In other words, as we get older, more and more of our money should be kept safe.


In this case, only 25% of your portfolio or less should be considered investable. The rest (75%) should be held in more safe and secure options such as insurance or annuities. Basically, you’ll want to keep your principal safe from market loss, especially as you age. Why? Because as the years go by, you have less time to recoup from any market downturns. This is especially true if the downturn happens to be large. Indeed, some accounts would not have the time to recover from a major loss. So, keeping a higher percentage safe from these losses is a good idea as you age.

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Wealth Management
On Your Terms

You deserve honest, direct, and active management of your retirement. That’s what our services are about. You’ll never feel alone when making financial decisions. Indeed, we’re here to answer your questions and walk with you. Reach out to attend an upcoming workshop. Or, if you prefer, call us to schedule an appointment. Let’s review your current retirement, and make sure you feel comfortable with where your money is. Your future and your goals matter to us. Let’s chat about the best management strategy for you.

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