Let Us Help You Understand Retirement Income Planning

You’ve been working and saving for retirement for years. Now it’s time for that hard-earned money to work for you. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 10 years away from retiring, it’s time to look into retirement income planning.

A big key in successful income planning is to have an advisor that will help you in the long run. Cornerstone Wealth & Tax Advisory Group is here to help you learn and find a retirement income strategy that’s right for you.

When looking at options for retirement income planning it’s important to find the plan that’s right for you. Many of our clients attend one of our educational seminars to better understand their retirement options. Additionally, we will provide a complimentary review of your retirement strategy.

During our meeting, a financial advisor will go over your current retirement plan, and any possible risks in your current accounts with you. As well as your goals for your retirement. Because our goal is to protect your money for your future, we’ll go over all your options. To make sure the retirement plan is the right one for you, feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll provide you with answers and recommendations.

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Our retirement income plan will go over the following:

  • What are your current risks? What will happen to your hard-earned money if the market drops?
  • Things to consider when setting goals for your retirement income (Ex. estate planning, taxes, etc)
  • How to plan for retirement so that you don’t run out of funds
  • Benefits of creating a protection-first retirement plan
  • Tax-deferred or tax-free ways to transfer wealth

All Retirement Income Plans Are Tailor Made To You

Throughout your entire life, you are constantly thinking and planning for your retirement. With today’s life expectancy your could be spending 30 or more years in retirement. It’s important to have a safe and secure retirement, but that can years of planning. Then after you retire, it can be time-consuming to manage your wealth.

As you draw closer to retirement age, you need a plan that will protect your hard-earned savings. You shouldn’t be at the mercy of market volatility. A good retirement planning specialist like the ones here at Cornerstone Wealth & Tax Advisory Group can show you how to protect those funds while earning a reasonable return on your investments. Contact us today to discuss a retirement income plan that is right for you.

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