An Email Scam Going Around

We’ve previously discussed different types of scams you should be looking out for. This week, we wanted to bring yet another one to your attention.

You might get an email claiming to be from someone with the Social Security Administration, a message along the lines of “Due to suspicious illegal activity detected during our investigation, we’ve found it necessary to temporarily suspend your Social Security Number.” Following this may be a Case ID number with the letters “SSA” preceding a series of numbers, and then an attached letter that appears to be on Social Security Letterhead. 

Emails like this are, we should inform you, completely fraudulent. The SSA never sends out messages like that, and they never suspend anyone’s SS number. Furthermore, the government does not use Gmail or any similar server. If you receive an email like this, delete it, and don’t follow up on the instructions in any way. 

Keep up with our blog for future scam alerts: We’re focused on your safety, and always here to help! 

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