Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Should you have a life insurance retirement plan? That depends on your goals. Life insurance is one way that retirees can ensure those they love are taken care, no matter what happens to them. However, having a life insurance retirement plan means more than just a death benefit. For instance, an indexed universal life (IUL) plan offers a way to earn tax-free income during retirement. Also, an IUL may provide asset protection. Many types of permanent life insurance plans may be available for you to help reach your retirement goals.

IULs may also provide a return on your money. In some cases, the rates you get with an IUL are higher than what you might get in a CD or savings account. So, you still get a secure place for your assets but could see a better gain. Each insurance and investment has its own set of rules, of course. At Cornerstone Wealth & Tax Advisory Group, we make sure to tailor our solutions to your needs. A life insurance retirement plan is sometimes helpful with a long-term strategy.

Why An IUL?

  • Even in a down market, your cash is protected
  • IULs do not link to the stock market; instead, it uses an index
  • Potential gains can be fixed
  • You can choose from multiple indexes
  • Income, tax-free
  • Tax-free withdrawals
  • Flexibility in how you get your money
  • Not dependent upon your age
  • Possible higher death benefit versus payments made
  • Death benefit with no income tax
  • Probate court unnecessary
  • Take income now or over time
  • Chronic illness or terminal illness potential benefit
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